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  • Hi! I love your work, you're a big inspiration :-) I'm studying illustration this september but I've had lots of bad comments from friends and family (such as it will get you nowhere/ waste of a degree/ no career in illustration etc) and it's really bringing me down. I love what I do, and I know it won't be easy to live purely off drawing, I was wondering how you keep motivated and find work (do you live purely on freelance or do you have a side job?) really need some positive advice, thanks x

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hello! Thanks so much, that’s such a lovely thing to say! Ignore them and don’t let them put you off!! Admittedly it is a tough industry, and chances are you might have to get a part time job to support yourself to begin with. But seriously- there are so many opportunities out there and you might not even need to. I’ve just graduated and so far things have been going great- for me and my course mates. People have got book deals, editorial work, wedding stationery commissions- all sorts! It’s been a good couple of months and I’m living off the freelance stuff at the moment and I’m just about to start some placements with a homewares company and Hallmark.

    I plan on getting a side job which is creative as well- just to get me out the house really! There’s lots of in-house design opportunities for illustrators too- something which I never really realised before I graduated- I always assumed people would be looking for graphic designers! It might not be easy- but if you enjoy what you are doing enough- it’s well worth spending the money on having an amazing 3 years at uni doing something you feel passionate about, rather than something that bores you to tears. I don’t regret my degree at all and it’s only now I’ve graduated that I’ve been made aware of all the opportunities that I never knew existed. As long as you keep putting your work out there- by keeping a blog, getting a website and showing your portfolio to people, you should be absolutely fine. There is a lot of competition- but don’t let that put you off. There’s so many outlets for illustration and if you just find what suits your work best, you can really target the right clients and hopefully get the work.  

    Good luck with it all, just really go for it!! You’re gonna have an amazing time at uni!  :) x

    Samara! I'm such a huge fan of your work, I mean you have genuine talent, it's amazing. I was just wondering if there's any advice that you could give me since I hope more than anything to be an illustrator some day? Thank you! -Andrea

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you so much Andrea, that’s really lovely of you to say! My advice would be to just keep creating as much work as possible!! Practice what you love doing and be inspired by others around you rather than disheartened. One of the hardest things I find is trying to stop comparing myself to other illustrators. It’s so easy to stop trying because you think you’ll never be good enough when there’s so much talent out there already, but just keep going! Also the main thing is to just get your work out there and be pro active in getting the right people seeing what you’re doing. Good luck with everything, I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic illustrator. x

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